The BIG program will produce several publications during the course of the program, from books to special journal issues to articles, blogs, op eds, videos, interviews, presentations, policy briefs, and much more. Please check back regulary to see our growing list of publications.

Our draft working reports can be accessed on the Research Projects page, but they are locked pdfs. Please contact the BIG program manager to access the files.

Policy Briefs

Kathryn Freidman, Director of Cross-Border and International Research, University at Buffalo (SUNY), wrote four policy briefs from BIG-supported research:

Transboundary Governance Capacity in the Arctic: Insights for Effective Arctic Governance
What Does It Mean to be a Binational Region in a Globalized World? Cross-Border Innovation and Community Prosperity in Southern Ontario and Western New York
Gazing into Our Crystal Ball in 2017: The Stakeholder Role in Facilitating Flows at the Canada-U.S. Border
Eutrophication in the Great Lakes: New Policy Tools for Ensuring a Thriving Great Lakes System